Taxation Minimisation

We look at the big picture. Managing your taxes efficiently results in significant tax cost savings. It is essential they are managed efficiently, just like any other business expense.

Key Issues:

  • Do you require advice on your business structure?
  • Do you require advice on accounting and taxation issues?
  • Do you require advice on issues facing taxation of trusts?
  • Do you require advice on the tax consequences of selling a business or asset?

MHK Chartered Accountants specialise in legally minimising all types of taxation obligations and offer a no-obligation exploratory discussion free of charge.  For more information Contact us to see how we can help you.


Tax Tips

Purchase Secondhand Goods For Your Business

In some situations you may have purchased secondhand goods to use in your business but didn’t pay GST on the purchase because the seller wasn’t GST registered. The good news is you can still claim a GST credit click here to see more.


Employers normally receive two bills per year from the Accident Compensation Commission:

  1. one for staff; and
  2. one for themselves

 It pays to check the bills as mistakes can occur click here to see more.

Annual accounts planning pays off

When you’re preparing year end material for us, the best guide is our annual questionnaire that we send out. Answer all questions where possible for more helpful advice click here to see more . If you are unable to locate your questionnaire click here to print forms  

Stick to the rules for bad debt claims

To claim for a bad debt as a tax-deductible write-off, you have to obey the rules click here to see more

Taking stock for your own use

IRD says you should value stock taken for your own use at market value, and record this in your accounts click here to see more

Tax Insurance.

Sorry, no you can’t insure for tax you owe!  But you can take out insurance for professional fees in the event of a tax investigation click here to see more