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MHK Chartered Accountants is a very personal mid-sized Auckland fringe CBD business.

MHK Chartered Accountants will sit down with you to brainstorm your business strategy and plans for the future, identify your priorities, assess the impact of changes on employees and business systems, and help you reduce costs and taxes.

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We don’t just do accounting. We help you build your business

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We’ve managed the finances of small businesses, large firms and multi-nationals for over 20 years.

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What Our Customers Say

Jane Sweeney, Managing Director

MHK are extraordinary business partners for us. They have helped us set up our business, develop our five year business plan and plan our expansion and growth.

They provide us with strategic advice, practical support and give us heads up on things to look out for and manage. They have been a vital component of Anthem’s early success and we value their wise counsel hugely. We truly could not have got this far without them. They are so much more than accountants. We would recommend to any start up or small business that they partner with MHK to gain that peace of mind and confidence that comes from having clever, business savvy people watch your numbers.

Dr Loyola Correa

In 1994, my wife and I were new to Auckland and we needed to establish our dental practice and Family trust structures. We were recommended to MHK Accountants, as we had no clue at all and this started a 20+ year relationship of friendship and trust.

Over the years, our Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group practice and our children grew up and our structures had to change & be modified to suit a growing business and family. All these were done in a seamless and flowing manner. MHK have a caring manner within the team (from the front desk), and that they are always available to discuss, suggest and advise. This helpful manner has led us to be most comfortable in the relationship and I take great pleasure in recommending MHK Accountants to anyone needing a great accounting firm on your side.

Cornelius Boertjens, Managing Director Catchi

Ian Malcolm and the MHK team have been our accountants for a number of years now. As our business started to rapidly expand, we found we didn’t just need an accountancy practice but more a firm that would think with us every step along the way.

This let to our decision to work with MHK as the large accountancy firm we were with back then simply couldn’t offer us the level of service and expertise we required. Ian and the MHK team have been fantastic to work with and they have helped us to put much needed systems and best practices in place. Ian always goes the extra mile to ensure we take the right financial decisions in the business and it’s great knowing our accounts are taken care of in the best possible way. Thanks Ian for everything you have done for us and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.